• The Always Strapped Unisex, AK-47 Ring- Blingistan, womans hand wearing gold planted ring on blue surface.
  • The Always StrappedUnisex, AK-47 Ring- Blingistan, woman with wearing a gold plated ring on her middle finger in a car looking at camera.
  • The Always Strapped AK-47 Ring *NOW UNISEX* - Blingistan

The Always Strapped AK-47 Ring

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For more information on the inspiration behind this design please click here.

The amazing, vertical Kalashnikov - AK-47 ring . I wear this in solidarity, and to take back ownership for a weapon that dominated my country's recent history, and people. 

Handmade, beautiful and unique gold jewellery, from Afghanistan with love.

Main Image, Photographer: Astra Pentaxia, @AstraTakesPhotos 

Third Image, Model: Shaima, identifies as half-English, half-Pakistani but feels like a child of the world, music is her passion and aims to break prejudices amongst races and religions that separate people (inspired by the likes of Bob Marley).


All of our jewellery is hypoallergenic, made with stainless steel and 18k gold. Dreamt up in Kabul jaan.