• A gold bangle that says may the devils ears be deaf in Dari.
  • A gold bangle sits on a black backdrop and says Khanda Namak e Zindagi in Dari.
  • A silver bangle that says laughter is the salt of life in Dari.
  • A close up of a woman's hand with three stacked gold bangles.
  • A silver bangle that says Gosh Shaitan Kaar in Dari against a black background.
  • A polaroid of a woman with braids and an ikat outfit has three gold bangles that shine.
  • A gold bangle against a black background that says Chishme Badh Door in Dari.
  • A silver bangle that warns in Dari: Evil eye be gone!
  • A woman holds up her arm with three gold bangles on.
  • A red light focuses on a woman's arm with three gold bangles on it.

Positive Affirmation Choori-ha

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These three bracelets are some of my favourite pieces I've ever made at Blingistan. I took positive sayings/proverbs from Dari that are important to me and many others and put them on some bangles! The words are cut from the metal creating a beautiful play on the positive/negative space. Wear them stacked or individually! Snap lock closure.

7 cm inner diameter, 2 cm thick. 

Gosh Shaitan Kaar : May the devils ears be deaf

Khanda Namak e Zindagi Ast : Laughter is the salt of life!

Chishme Bad Door : Evil eye, be gone!

Stainless steel and 18k gold. Available in gold hardware or silver.   

Dreamt up in Kabul.    

All of our jewellery is hypoallergenic, made with stainless steel and 18k gold. Dreamt up in Kabul jaan.