TSA THREAT Crop top // Throw a middle finger to institutionalized racism!

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This shirt is E V E R Y T H I N G right now.

As someone who has been detained at airports (even at 14 years old, alone), without access to a phone, my passport, my things, just waiting for someone to tell me I'm free to go - isn't a pleasant feeling.

Race, religion, gender, none of this matters- Let's band together and stick it to the man!


Main Image, Model: Astra, goes by either “Takes Photos” or “Pentaxia” for a last name. She identifies primarily as an artist, which encompasses photography and music under one magical umbrella. My friends, my community and my surroundings are my family, and the only home I have a pull towards is the universe. I shoot on film because I love its’ inherent challenges, and I'm in love with minimal house that emphasizes the offbeat and/or polyrhythms. I always want to press buttons.

Photographer: Josephine Rose Ingate, @bad_gadget


Second Image, Photographer: Lizzie Klein @bratmitzvah


Third Image, Model: Penelope, is a Mexican girl living in Berlin. Penelope loves anything creative and weird. Her favorite plant is cannabis.

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