The Halal Cap & Snapback! *NEW COLORS*

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Comes in white with black lettering, black with white lettering, or *NEW* pink & grey camo with white lettering! 
Snapback comes in black with white lettering!
Loves it ! Show how Halal you are through fashion!


All six photographs taken by Astra Pentaxia @AstraTakesPhotos

Main image, Model: Shamayel, co-founder and designer of Blingistan, forever 100% Afghan, forever 100% Californian, and forever a mischievous lil thing. She can’t pick if she’d rather be listening to Oi!, 90s electronic/dance, badly-recorded Afghan love songs, or gangsta rap. Give her a pen, a paintbrush, (and a pack of cigarettes) because she needs to create, and thank god she discovered Rabia Balkhi, Oscar Wilde and Charles Bukowski! Because combined, they make the closest thing she has to understanding this weird life.


Second-Sixth Image Model: 

Jeffrey King


Island Boy

Earth Child

Truth Dealer

Environmental af

Tribal af

Gay af

French Fries






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