The "Diasporistan" Map Charms *UNISEX*

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Afghanistan map, Germany map, and California map as pendants. 

I picked California and Germany because of the large Afghan diasporas there (more countries to come!), that settled there as early as the 70’s and as late as a few months ago. For us mixed babies, I wanted to try to encapsulate the fact that we can’t let go of either side of our identity, whether it was born and raised in Hamburg, but 100% Afghan- now you can wear both Germany and Afghanistan together. They both can be worn on one chain, or alternatively one can just buy the California map and pair it with the Allah Akbar necklace from first collection for a very strong look.


Gold-plated brass with a chain length of 16 inches. Though the chain maybe short for some men, the pendants can be easily taken off and put onto another chain. 

Handmade, beautiful and unique gold jewelry, from Afghanistan via California, with love.

***Please note charms are smaller in real life***

All eight images taken by Astra Pentaxia, @AstraTakesPhotos


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