The I Do What I Want B*tch Hoop Earrings

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In the middle of this hoop reads "dilem bicyclem", in Dari, the lingua franca of Afghanistan. "Dilem bicyclem" is a very sassy & classy way of pretty much saying "I do what I want (b*tch)" ;) This one is for all my INDEPENDENT darlings who give 0 f*cks.

Gold-plated brass, with the diameter of the hoop being about 7 cm (2.75 inches). I cannot handle heavy earrings so I've designed all my earrings to be everyday-wearable. 

Handmade, beautiful and unique gold jewelry, from Afghanistan via California, with love.


Second and Third Image, Model: Manny, identifies as a mixed-race Latinx, non-binary artist living in Caliiiiiii. Manny is currently researching mysticism solely so they can build an ethereal robot and make make my ways to Saturn's moons for a vacation. All need you need is cup noodles and some stardust. 

Photographer: Astra Pentaxia, @AstraTakesPhotos

Fourth Image, Model: I'm Nelufar— let me help you out Neh-loo-fur. No I don't go by Nell. Born in Kabul, made in Camden, London. It is that which makes us different that makes us stronger. Life is art and art is love.





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