The Wataan Afghan Map Ring *NOW UNISEX*

Regular price $42.00

The *ORIGINAL* piece that launched Blingistan! I've been rocking this piece since I was 15!
Afghan sisters AND NOW BROTHERS - people asking you where you're from all the time 'cause you so exxxotic? Flash them this ring and say from HERE! All my Afghan allies- this piece is not JUST for Afghans, if you have love for Afghanistan, if you want to rock that love, do not at all feel like you're culturally appropriating. This is for all y'all. 
Two sizes available: A US size 7 (average female ring size), & a US size 10 (average male ring size)!
Second & Third Image: Courtesy of someone who would like to remain anonymous, taken in the Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan (just east of Kabul), against the glorious mountains and rivers of our country.



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