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Who Is More Oppressed Print


Which me is most oppressed under universal patriarchy and the Big Brother-esque male gaze? The one to the left, covered, with nothing but her eyes showing as is all too familiar in Western cultures as being the nameless face of Islamic oppression on female bodies? Or the me pussy-popping, on the right, to assimilate to the culture of the country her family fled to as refugees? Does oppression of women go from left to right or right to left? I don't know.  Which is why I wanted to use my own body, which has constantly been a place of war, been policed, scrutinized and asked to conform, to think deeper into understanding the socio-political violence often carried out through/on/with/in the name of/ a (brown) woman's body.

Prints in all different sizes!

8x10 inch (20x25cm)

10x10 inch (25x25cm)

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12x18 inch (30x46cm)

14x14 inch (35.5x35.5cm)

16x16 inch (41x41cm)

16x20 inch (41x52cm)

18x18 inch (46x46cm)

Who Is More Oppressed Print