• A woman with braids stretches forward on a wooden ground with a shirt and shorts made of the 100 Afghani bill.
  • A woman with braids sits in a loose cross legged position on a yellow couch wearing an outfit made of fabric of the 100 Afghani bill.
  • A side profile of a woman with braids and a 100 Afs outfit.
  • A woman with red light shining her face and a 100 Afghani outfit with a green almost corset, stands against a white wall.
  • A polaroid of a woman sitting cross legged with long braids and a purple outfit.
  • A polaroid of a woman standing in 100 Afghani bill printed shorts and long sleeve shirt, with a green corset on top.

Biker Shorts in 100 Afs

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Cheeky! Biker shorts in this darling 100 Afghani print I made in Tashkent. Easy, no sweat, with an elastic banded waist. Dress up or dress down I can guarentee you will be the only person in the room in 100 Afghani shorts ;)

Breathable cotton blend. Unisex. 

Designed in Kabul, handmade in Tashkent and Skopje.    

All of our jewellery is hypoallergenic, made with stainless steel and 18k gold. Dreamt up in Kabul jaan.