• A woman stretches out on a grey couch wearing an outfit entirely made of the 100 Afghani bill.
  • A woman in a backless ikat top looks at the camera against a white wall.
  • A woman's back showing the tie closure of her halter top.
  • A close up of the front of a 100 Afghani halter.
  • Close up of dainty halter in 100 Afghanis.
  • Close up of dainty halter in blue ikat/adras.

Square Neck Sexy Halter

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Dainty square neck sexy halter in 100 Afghani print and moody blues Uzbeki adras/ikat. Ties in the back which allows you to wear this halter in different ways. Has built in slip, simple fit, giving very early 2000s vibes.  100 Afghanis are printed on cotton blend, and the adras is hand-dyed silk and cotton.

Designed in Kabul, handmade in Tashkent and Skopje.   


All of our jewellery is hypoallergenic, made with stainless steel and 18k gold. Dreamt up in Kabul jaan.